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The Epic: Building a Better Hobbit | November 2013

An Entertainment Weekly article discussing Peter Jackson's "reinvention of a classic," quoted a TORn Message Board post made by Cirashala.

"On the fansite, debate over the first Hobbit film has raged for so long that one recent post pleaded for a détente: "Those who love the movie are 'delusional' and those that hate it are 'radical purists.' For heaven's sake, I feel like I am observing 8-year-olds fighting on the playground!""

This article was available online and, according to a TORn News Article, in the November 15 2013 issue of the published magazine.

Entertainment Weekly : The Epic: Building a Better Hobbit

San Diego Comic-Con | July 2013

Multiple sites promoted TORn's panel for San Diego Comic-Con, "An Unofficial Sneak Peek of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with" San Diego City Beat called TORn "the fandom's primary hang out" on the web.

San Diego City Beat : Fulfilling the fantasy fandoms

Comic Book Resources recapped TORn's panel.

"With Peter Jackson absent from Comic-Con International in San Diego to finish production on The Hobbit trilogy, the duty of bringing Middle-Earth to Comic-Con fell to the staff of the"

Into the Woods | June 2013

Empire Magazine's August 2013 issue covered the upcoming movie, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." In it, Peter Jackson was quoted as saying,

"This will probably get me struck off The One Ring party list, but I am enjoying deviating from the book." "We introduce a lot of Appendices material, more than in the first film. We introduce Legolas and Tauriel, who are not characters from the book. In fact, Tauriel is not even a character from Tolkien. But as a filmmaker that is a refreshing thing. We are able to go places which will ultimately be surprising."

"The One Ring party list" is a reference to TORn's Oscar Parties, to which the cast and crew have always been invited and have often attended. The "struck off" is likely a reference to the heated discussions on the Message Boards and the comment sections of Home Page Articles amongst fans about the changes Jackson have made to the book canon of "The Hobbit."

Empire Magazine: August 2013; pg 66 of the printed magazine, pg 4 of the e-magazine

TORn Staff reacts to "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" trailer | June 2013

On June 11, TORn posted a compilation of Staff comments about and reactions to the first trailer for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" released earlier that day. In their article covering the trailer, Deseret News linked to TORn's article and quoted TORn Staffer, deej.

As in past reactions and analysis to screencaps, trailers, etc., most Staff reactions posted in TORn's article were in the form of written comments. But the contributions of TORn Staffers, Fili and Kili (the team responsible for the TORn Happy Hobbit feature), came in the form of a video of themselves watching the trailer for the first time.

After the video was promoted by Peter Jackson and "The Hobbit" movie's official blog, Jackson made a video response of three "Hobbit" cast members watching the "Happy Hobbit" duo. In turn, the "Happy Hobbit" duo again recorded themselves watching the cast reaction. The similarity of the increasingly layered videos to the dream-within-dream film "Inception" prompted the term "Hobbitception." These series of videos went viral and got covered by many different media outlets.

Mathom-house wiki article: Hobbitception - Coverage by Other Media

Embarking on an expected journey | May 20, 2013

On May 20, Stuff covered confirmation TORn was able to get that pick-ups for "The Hobbit" were starting soon. Stuff commented that TORn had the confirmation from, "the very best of sources" and credited the article with providing information on what scenes needed the additional footage.

A musher explains why Radagast the Brown's bunny sled isn't so ridiculous | March 17, 2013

io9 picked up a January 3rd TORn article discussing the practicalities of Radagast's bunny sled.


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