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Source Says 99% Certain Guillermo del Toro Will Direct The Hobbit | January, 2008

Commenting on TORn's information from a "NL (New Line) insider" that Guillermo del Toro was 99% certain to direct The Hobbit, a FirstShowing reporter wrote:

"If there is anyone I'd trust when it comes to Hobbit news, it would be, as they are THE definitive source for all things Tolkien."

Guillermo del Toro Chats with TORN About The Hobbit Films | April, 2008

TORn ran an exclusive interview Guillermo del Toro (GdT) which was covered by a few other sites.

FirstShowing predicted that GdT would be a household name by 2010 adding:

"Another name that's going to be well-known by 2010 - The all-things-Tolkien fansite has become known for its coverage of every little detail surrounding the Lord of the Rings films, and they've kicked off the upcoming four years of Hobbit coverage by landing the very first interview with Guillermo since he announced it was official."

Cinema Blend started their report saying:

"Im surprised that the news that The Hobbit was officially moving ahead with Guillermo del Toro wasnt followed fast by a name change for our site back to We may be reconsidering that when our editor-in-chief notices that has already managed to build a good relationship with del Toro, down to the director posting on their message boards. Since they have such a rapport with the director, the site has already managed to snag an interview about his Hobbit plans."

Rant Rebuttal: Viral Marketing Puts Fandom To The Test | May, 2008

In a discussion about whether viral marketing is real fandom or not, a writer at Cinema Blend wrote:

"The basis of (the) argument (that viral marketing is not real fandom) comes from productions like Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and Superman Returns, where directors and producers were giving fans an insight on the making of the film through blog updates, video diaries, and the like. His argument is valid these were fan-run websites that managed to reach an accord with studios to feature this kind of content. Ive met the fellows at and they are the true definition of this kind of fandom fans willing to (respectfully) push the boundaries between fanatic and studio until something beautiful happens."


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