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An Unexpected Briefing
Cliff/Quickbeam at 1:43 and 3:36
Dean O'Gorman at 1:25 min
Royd Tolkien and Mike Baker (great-grandsons of JRRT) at 0:31
MrCere at 3:32

During the explanation for emergency procedures during take off or landing, Quickbeam (dressed as Gandalf) is shown demonstrating the directions, "In Business Premier, sit upright, put your hands on your knees with your knees together against the wall and your feet on the edge of the ottoman."

During directions for take off, MrCere (dressed as a Hobbit) is shown demonstrating the directions, "insure your seat back is upright," which is followed immediately by Quickbeam putting his feet up on a chair and leaning against the windows while the narration continues with, "unless you're in Business Premier where you chose your own seat back position."

Behind the Scenes of An Unexpected Briefing
video description on YouTube: Be taken on a journey behind the scenes of the latest Air New Zealand safety video 'An Unexpected Briefing' with the cast, crew and special cameo appearances from the video.

0:21-0:25 - Cliff: "My name's Clifford Broadway and I've been a writer and contributor to"
1:27-1:34 - Larry: "I love that fans are represented. I do love that we get to have some influence in what happens."
2:10-2:17 - Cliff: "The camaraderie, the sense of genuine love of what these people are doing, it's just like being on a Peter Jackson set."
2:44-2:51 - Larry: "I think this is a video you could watch several times and see different things in it every time. It's really wild stuff."
3:07-3:11 - Cliff: "For a very tall wizard, premium economy is the only way to stretch one's legs."
3:23-3:31 - Larry: "I love flying on Air New Zealand. And I love hanging out with Air New Zealand. I love eating lunch with Air New Zealand and I certainly love making a video with Air New Zealand."

screencaps of both videos: