Links to archived threads from the now deleted forum

Message Board member DanielLB played a personal 2014 April Fools' Day prank on the Message Boards by claiming he had seen a forum dedicated an upcoming movie based on the Silmarillion. He posted (mocked up) screenshots of the board, threads, and posts as well as descriptions of some of the discussions and posts. In response, the Admins for the message boards created an actual prank Silmarillion Forum where people could post threads. The board was deleted at the end of the day.

Below are links to captures of each thread from that forum. They are listed in the same order as they appeared on the "Movie Discussion: The Silmarillion" discussion forum which is (by default) most recently created thread first in the list.


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Screenshot of Message Board Index Page on April Fools' Day
Screenshot of Admins' prank Silmarillion Movie Discussion Board