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A three day event held in 2009
to celebrate the 10th anniversary of theonering.net's registration on the web

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Birth of an Idea

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Party Invitations

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Let's Get This Party Started

Standard and Event TORn Message Board Greetings

On April 23, 2009, Altaira kicked off the weekend with a special edition of the Message Board's regularly held Fiesta Friday thread and with a Home Page News Announcement that explained how the celebration was to be held on the Message Boards.

The greeting that is visible to signed in board members was changed from 'Mae Govannen' to 'Mae Govannen and Welcome to TORn's 10th Anniversary Celebration'

Party Threads

Over the weekend, a variety of threads supplying games and participatory amusements and entertainment offerings were posted, as well as others offering a forum for people to share their retrospective thoughts or reminiscences. A number of spontaneous (non-scheduled) contributions, mathoms, and sentiments were posted by people not on the planning committee.

see full list of the event message board threads: sorted by type and board

Valaquenta of TORn

The Valaquenta of TORn is a 10th Anniversary tribute to the Four Founders of TORn written in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien's Valaquenta.

see full article: Valaquenta of TORn

Founders Day

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Event Footers

On Sunday, when Founders Day was announced, the image set to display in all footers changed to one reading, "April 26th is hereby christened TheOneRing.net's Founders Day".

At that time, all message board members changed their footer settings so they no longer carried this event image. That meant that no new posts would be made displaying that image. And since Magpie controlled what image showed, all posts ever made that had showed any event footer image now read, "April 26th is hereby christened TheOneRing.net's Founders Day".

Founders Day Footer

Once Founders Day was announced on Sunday, April 26, the Founders Day committee members changed their settings to display a footer that combined formatted text and an image of the Four Founders. That footer was carried for one week past the announcement day.

VIP Visitors and Contributions

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Reaction of Four Founders

All of the founders seemed honored, overwhelmed, and moved by the outpouring of sentiments from followers of the site and people in the wider film industry and internet community. Some also took time to reminisce a little about how they met each other and how the idea of tracking the movie's development in New Zealand grew into TORn as it exists today. Xoanon also listed off his Top 10 TORN Moments.

full list of links to the most pertinent comments by one of the Four Founders : Four Founders Comments

Wrap Up

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VIP Thank You Notes

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