grammaboodawg's TIME post, weaver's mathom, and planning of the event
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An Idea is Born

On April 10, 2008, grammaboodawg noted, in one of her Today in Middle-earth posts, that, on April 10, 1999, "TORn split open the internet and landed itself within the evolution of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth" as it was on that day that the first TORn News Article was published. She added, "TORn also changed the way a ground-breaking filmmaker embraced fans and gave us a voice. Peter Jackson saw the intelligence of collaborating with our TORn founders to give rise to a whole new level of creativity and synergy. We're about to be a part of this phenomenon again as the excitement builds while we await news of when (not if) Jackson begins to cast and film The Hobbit and the mysterious film 2." 1

To that post, weaver replied, "I keep thinking we need an annual TORn Thanksgiving Day event. You know, the kind of thing where everyone could post the things about TORn and the Boards they really like, or which have made a difference to them." She observed that people get a lot of enjoyment from the site but rarely thank the Founders for "starting it up and keeping it going." She suggested an event could be planned to occur annually that would allow people to express their appreciation and considered the date of the first article to be one worthy date (among others) on which that might happen. 2

weaver followed up her thoughts in June in her Birthday Mathom* when she made a 'Modest Proposal'. She formally suggested creating an 'Annual TORn Thanksgiving Day.' 3 The idea was well received and a poll was created a week later to determine on what date the celebration would be held 4 with the clear winner declared as "Founding Date of TORn -- April 10" 5

*Birthday Mathom from TORNspeak - The TORN Dictionary: Mathom - 1. A hobbit term for anything lying about that one has no immediate use for but is unwilling to throw away. Many of the gifts that were passed from hand to hand among Hobbits were of this sort. 2. A "gift" given to the TORN boards at large to celebrate a birthday or TORNiversary. A merging of the Hobbitish tendency to collect mathoms and the Hobbit tradition of giving gifts to others on one's birthday. TORN birthday mathoms vary widely in content and style depending on the whim of the giver, such as parodies, photos, drabbles, or anything else that takes the giver's fancy.

A Committee is Formed - A Date is Determined

In March 2009, a committee was formed to make plans off the Message Boards. Consensus had been reached that the event would be called Founders Day and held on April 10-11 every year, as a two-day event which would allow for maximum participation across time zones. However, it became known that the first Home Page stories, used by gramma to determine the debut of the site, had been back dated. In fact, the website has been registered on April 26, 1999 and was activated a few days after that. 6 When it was realized April 26 was also the date of the Unexpected Party in "The Hobbit," a decision was made to move the date to Founders Day to April 26 and conduct the 2009 celebration over three days, starting with Fiesta on April 24 and ending on Sunday, April 26, the actual founding date of TORn.

Since the committee members wanted to the concept of 'Founders Day' to be a surprise to the Four Founders, the event would be referred to, in publicity and during the first two days, simply as a '10th Anniversary Celebration'. On April 26, a special tribute to the Four Founders would be posted at which time the name, Founders Day, would be revealed.

Final Planned Schedule

The final schedule, as posted by Committee Chairperson, weaver, to committee members: 7


April 24-26, 2009

Friday, 4/24:

Home Page Announcement -- Altaira
Off Topic/Fiesta Kick-off Event – Altaira

Friday after Fiesta:

First two games on Main -- Dernwyn and her crew
Pollantir thread starts – Entmaiden
Moots thread starts -- Deej
First Feedback thread -- Jazmine
First Hobbit Board thread – Gramma

Saturday, 4/25:

Home Page Announcement-- Altaira
Second set of Main games -- Dernwyn and her crew
First LOTR Movie thread—Rivendweller and Weaver
Second Hobbit Movie thread – Earl
First Fan Art thread -- Ginger
Arena thread starts – Aunt Dora and Orcbane
Gaming/Collecting thread starts – Arwen_Undomiel
Off Topic --Earl
Second Feedback thread -- Silnedor

Sunday, 4/26:

Home Page -- Valenquenta/Founder's Day announcement -- Altaira
Third set of Main games -- Dernwyn and her crew
Reading Room thread – A.S., Sador, Inferno, NEB, Entmaiden
Second LOTR Movie thread – Gramma/Divetwin
Third Hobbit Movie thread – Mar/Stapper
Second Fan Art thread -- Ginger
Feedback thank the Founders thread -- Sil/Kel


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